Launching of Sher-Fertility Solutions and Future Case Supports

Dr. Geoffrey Sher - April 2, 2019
Launching of Sher-Fertility Solutions and Future Case Supports

With the launching of Sher-Fertility Solutions (SFS), I will as of April 1st, take on a new and expanded consultation role. Rather than having hands-on involvement with IVF procedures I will, through SFS, instead provide fertility consultations (via SKYPE) to the ever-growing number of patients (emanating from >40 countries) who have complex Reproductive Dysfunction (RD) and who seek access to my input , advice and guidance. Subject to agreement on the part of their personal RE's, I hope also to be able to be involved in helping oversee their care. It now seems clear to me that the explanation for the  rapid increase in patients seeking consultation  stems from the fact that many infertile patients who  previously were unable to travel long distances to be treated by me, now feel comfortable to receive my input from afar. Anyone wishing to schedule a Skype consultation with me, can do so by: calling my patient concierge (Patti Converse) at 1-800-780-7437/ 702-533-2691 for an appointment, enrolling online on my website at,  or emailing Patti directly  at Additionally, I will be posting numerous interesting case reports on a weekly or bi-weekly basis  on my website  blog . needless to say, all identifying  information such as names and addresses will be redacted to protect anonymity.  I will also present these cases with detailed Live Feed discussion on my Facebook page ("Dr Geoffrey Sher").

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